Modifications Binter merzy Old Skull

Modifications Binter merzy Old Skull

Flow modification Kawasaki KZ200 or better known as Binter merzy always adheres Chooper and Harley Davidson look, because it's a good base for the design. However, modification of Binter merzy this one, is like-minded but more extreme, with a stylish Old Skull or style of a classic 20'an year.

Classic style would be the main attraction, with color solver combined with laburan chrome make this bike become more luxurious. Classical impression is reinforced by having a certain rigid rear suspension, front tomorrow springer models, and the seat of the single-seater bicycle. And the fierce impression obtained from the double cylinder engine.

Motor Binter Merzy remodeled starting from zero, with a combined capital of the two modifiers are topnotch New Motor Sport (BMS) from West Palmerah and Puspa Kediri Custom (CCP) Pondok Gede. With the classical concept, it must create a new frame made ​​from seamless pipe 31mm. Shape of the chassis was simple but very precise, so the steering is still comfortable and not shaky.

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