Kawasaki Binter merzy

Kawasaki Binter merzy 

               as of late , a pattern that is molded like a bike or a Harley Davidson chopper is adored around bikers . Regardless of the cash going out , with a specific end goal to look like the fanciful American cruiser it . At the same time , from a mixture of bikes that might be effectively changed to take after a Harley is Kawasaki Binter merzy ( KZ 200 ) .

In reality , to be changed into a chopper , any bike might be . In addition , if took care of by a talented repairman . However , of all the cycle is the most moldable Kawasaki Binter a chopper is merzy ( KZ 200 ) . Why is it simple? Since Kawasaki Binter merzy ( KZ 200 ) is huge enough so the state of the edge is effortlessly molded to resemble a Harley Davidson .

In Indonesia , Binter is the neighborhood brands from the Kawasaki bike . The name " Binter " itself is a contraction of " Bright Star " , which is the name of the bike wholesaler . Brand was last utilized as a part of 1983 when Kawasaki in Indonesia to close down .

Kawasaki later revive his business in Indonesia , however no more utilize the brand " Binter " . Binter merzy / KZ 200 is a white collar class cruiser with 200 cc single chamber motor . This engine is the authority large scale manufacture cruiser motor limit of Indonesia's biggest , until such time as the Suzuki Thunder 250 cc propelled in Indonesia .

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