Particulars The Legend Kawasaki KZ - 200 Binter merzy

Particulars The Legend Kawasaki KZ - 200 Binter merzy 

             The legend is known by his genuine name when merzy Binter is Kawasaki KZ - 200 . Why is acquainted with Binter ? This all began from a solitary wholesaler as the name brand holders who import them from Japan named PT . Indonesian Bright Star so much that condense the saying " BINTER " . Engine was initially cleared in Indonesia to know 1980. When you get to Indonesia this bicycle gained general Luat of the two-wheeled pengemar country . Maybe around then there were no engines with 200cc motor like this so much praise . Kawak merzy Binter is a pioneer engine man who berkubikasi extraordinary class.

Nectar experience legend just 6 years. For the year 1986'an quit offering this bicycle on the grounds that there is an inside issue in the money related PT . Splendid Star . This causes all the engine creation of the auto makers ceased the course of the lanes of Indonesia .

At the start of clear in Indonesia 1980 s / d 1981 last , Binter merzy ignition framework still depends on platinum , somewhat adjusted state of the bend of the tank , round headlights , taillights marginally scored adjusted box , and dash speedo no fuel meter pointer and berspion still adjust .

The following redesign in 1982, not long from now is diverse just as headlights that recently utilize the container model . Moreover merzy 1983 Binter utilizing CDI ignition framework , tank -formed box , a facelift on the front turn sign lights and back lights molded box .

KZ - 200 Binter merzy accompanies motor balancer in the early 1984 s / d 1985'an . Speedo meter dash parcel of existing fuel pointer board meters , tank models and two crate molded mirrors . Fans frequently allude merzy Cobras for the last yield .

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