Price tag Powerplant Kawasaki Upwards, This particular record is usually

Price tag Powerplant Kawasaki Upwards, This particular record is usually

             REHABILITATION Kawasaki Powerplant Philippines released selling price improves connected with motorbike goods. The value raise may differ which is legitimate inside the Larger Jakarta region.

Goddess septianti, Deputy Team Mind, Sales and also Marketing Kawasaki Powerplant Philippines, explained the price raise as coming from 1 May 2014. Increase within the price of Kawasaki goods ranging from 650 500 for you to tens connected with huge amount of money.

Nevertheless, he / she explained, merely Kawasaki Estrella which usually failed to boost the selling price, given it is usually freshly unveiled.

Beginning from the family unit connected with 2 -- Tak Ninja, Ninja SS is usually costed Rp27, 6 trillion, Ninja 3rd there�s r ( Rp27, 8 trillion ), and also Ninja RR ( Rp36, 4 trillion ). Subsequently, trail sequence, Kawasaki KLX150S ( Rp24, 3 trillion ), KLX150L ( Rp25, 2 trillion ), and also D -- Tracker one hundred fifty ( Rp26, 4 trillion ).

To the 400 category Ninja 400 ( Rp53, 7 trillion ), Ninja 400 SONY ERICSSON ( Rp55, 9 trillion ), Ninja 400 STOMACH MUSCLES ( Rp61, 6 trillion ), and also Z250 ( Rp49, 2 trillion ).

Regarded, the price of your Ninja 400 previous to Rp46, 9 trillion, your Ninja 400 ( Rp48, 400 trillion ), along with the Ninja 400 FI STOMACH MUSCLES ( Rp56 trillion ).

Proceeds within category duck, Edge Sportsperson VR and also each produced with a selling price connected with Rp14, 9 trillion and also Rp16, 8 trillion. In the past, both equally costing Rp14, twenty-five trillion and also Rp15, 5 trillion.

The most significant improves transpired inside the Ninja ZX -- 14R recently offered Rp300 trillion for you to Rp318, 6 trillion.

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