Kawasaki Ninja 250 Cc

kawasaki ninja 250 cc

kawasaki ninja 250 cc
kawasaki ninja 250 cc

kawasaki ninja 250 cc - Most recent 2014 Indonesian Powerplant Sport. In recent years the presence involving motor sport in Indonesia continues to increase, the two-wheeled bike manufacturers in Indonesia continue vying to bring out the best to be able to attract sympathy with regard to sportbike enthusiasts that exist in the united states. But of the countless manufacturers that really exist in Indonesia just Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki also one which has always existed in each and every year.

2014 is only the next of these manufacturers still compete to be the best in the united states and even all three are similarly launches motor sport from the 250 cc class. New Honda CBR 250R Generally there, the Kawasaki Ninja two hundred and fifty, Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono plus the final and seemed to be just introduced for the public, namely this Yamaha YZF : R25.

kawasaki ninja 250 cc - Fourth this bike has not been only to exhibit the design in addition to specifications, but also be competitive in pricing that are accessible to the complete community of the united states. Let us analyze the profile in the four motor game 250 cc:

kawasaki ninja 250 cc
kawasaki ninja 250 cc

kawasaki ninja 250 cc

1. Kawasaki Ninja two hundred and fifty

The motor on this one is the most up-to-date generation and most perfect compared to Ninja 250 the last edition. If we glance at the past few years will be the Kawasaki is the manufacturer of powerplant sport 's the majority of exist in Indonesia and always presents the most up-to-date variant every 12 months. With fierce appearance and in addition has outstanding performance makes bike quite popular by consumers sportbike from the homeland. Kawasaki Ninja 250 2014 will set you back Rp 53. 7 million on your way Jakarta.

2. Toyota CBR 250R

New motor involving PT Astra Toyota Motor ( AHM ) provides just lowered the value which aims to provide the best services due to the customers. Now All new Honda CBR 250R can be priced cheapest Rp 46. 8 million OTR Jakarta with regard to non- ABS alternative, while the priciest price is UNITED STATES DOLLAR 55. 2 million for that variant ABS : Repsol. Honda besides change the selling price, but also update the machines used to produce more electric power, reaching 29 horsepower at 9, 000 rpm rotator.

3. Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono

Together with presenting the Ninja two hundred and fifty, Kawasaki Ninja RR Indonesia also bring Mono with 2014 's. The difference is this one motor sport incorporates a relatively affordable price in comparison to other models, that only reached Rp 39. 9 trillion OTR Jakarta. Even though price is relatively cheaper but it's power was likewise quite large, there could touch the figure of 27. 6 horsepower at 9, 900 rpm lap clothes.

4. The Yamaha YZF : R25

Here it's a motor sport that may be still warm discussed from the public, the newest type of the Yamaha factory likely to create competition from the 250 cc class sport bike gets crowded, probably due to presence of this Yamaha R25 is what makes the Honda CBR 250R finally lower the value. With a cool design and powered 2 -cylinder serps, DOHC, making this motorbike was quite interested from the automotive lovers both equally from teenagers to be able to adults, although the value is quite substantial, reaching USD 53 million While travelling Jakarta.

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