Kawasaki Ninja 250sl

7 Excess Kawasaki Z250 SL Philippines Version AutonetMagz

Kawasaki Ninja 250sl
Kawasaki Ninja 250sl

Kawasaki Z250 SL not long ago launched by Kawasaki for once in the entire world in Indonesia, not proud enough to understand that Indonesia became the initial country to get it? Well, after we start a first impression examine Kawasaki Z250SL at launch, we consider 7 AutonetMagz extra Kawasaki Z250SL type.

Kawasaki Ninja 250sl

1. Racy Operating Position
As the nude motorcycle which generally have a design for elegant and long-distance vacation ( touring ). Kawasaki Z250SL feels too racy of its ergonomics. Although not till there, even though it feels racy, the employment of wide handlebar bend rather than so into causeing the bike feels additional solid and steady for long miles. Very racy seating position is quite enjoyable to use cornering around the circuit like the Kawasaki Ninja 300 Mono.

2. 300 cc engine 1 canister
250 cc engine that's used Kawasaki Z250SL irrespective of only having 1 canister still has large power in figures 28 Hp. This also machine is also having the same technology because radiator and injection such as a Kawasaki Ninja 300 FI.

3. Inexpensive price
Now the most interesting part of this particular bike is on the price tag did not get to 30 million Pound for non- AB MUSCLES variant. For non- ABS variant priced at 38. 9 million Euro traveling. It makes the most affordable motorcycle Kawasaki Z250SL which has a capacity of 300 cc.

4. Refined design
Although priced at an affordable cost, this bike is getting a pretty good detailing in comparison to its competitors. In the sense Kawasaki will not reduce the products workmanship and number of materials in the motor though they are the most affordable for the dimensions of 250 cc.

Kawasaki Ninja 250sl

5. Braking mechanism ABS
Although variants are cheaper compared to the Kawasaki Z250, this bike still have the option of ABS brakes in the highest variance. For those of you who want the safer motor having braking more accurate, of course, ABS can be a mandatory feature in all the motor you've.

6. Real Thuss Shape
Well this stands out as the most part many of us like, Thuss Frame or chassis is normally called the trellis chassis Z250SL Kawasaki offers great finishing in addition to size, thus giving your impression of muscular motor compared to the motor in their class sold costlier though.

7. Small Body Design
Kawasaki Z250SL has a sleek body design rather than so wide in comparison to competitors, it makes easy z250SL under in addition to through traffic jams in towns of the capital. But for folks lovers of big motors, this might be a weakness and insufficient Kawasaki Z250SL.

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