Kawasaki Z250

SL Kawasaki Z250 engine is adequate to RR Ninja Mono

Kawasaki Z250

Kawasaki Z250

Kawasaki Z250  - Motor Z250 SL uses the same engine as this Ninja ( 300 ) RR Mono, inch said Section Head Sales Department Advertising and marketing and Sales Scale of PT Kawasaki Engine Indonesia, Michael Chandra Tanadhi, this Z250 SL kick off in Jakarta upon Wednesday.

And Kawasaki simply do some improvements, such as this suspension, to adjust the motors suitable for everyday use.

Other changes quietly of the body, where the Z250 SL making use of naked body, while RR 250 Mono making use of full - body fairing.

Kawasaki Z250

Kawasaki Z250

" Riding position is also slightly altered, inch he said.

This particular motor uses DOHC 4-stroke motor capacity of 300 cc liquid cooled down single that produces 28 PS from 9700 rpm turn.

Kawasaki Z250 - Although the exact same engine, according to Deputy Department involving Marketing and Income Division Kawasaki Engine Indonesia Dewi septianti, it's two motors each of enthusiasts.

"If   RR Mono it will probably be used in circuit racing and. If this can be also the pace, it's just that it's for daily make use of, " he claimed.

Since it doesn't have significant difference, Kawasaki Z250 SL seemed to be set prices will not be much different on the Ninja 250 RR Mono.

Now, using the Goddess, there are some consumers which ordered Z250 SL. inch There ( concerns ) about 50 devices. Late May delivery unit later started off the bike, inch said Goddard additional.

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