Variations Kawasaki Ninja three hundred

Evaluation of Yamaha R25, Kawasaki three hundred and Honda CBR 250R

Variations Kawasaki Ninja three hundred

Variations Kawasaki Ninja three hundred

Variations Kawasaki Ninja three hundred, Yamaha R25 and Honda CBR250R 2014. Nowadays with the presence of motor sport Yamaha R25 inside Indonesia has changed the competitive landscaping of motor sport in the 250cc segment gets warmer. Because previously there are only two motors which can be fairly successful on this segment is the Kawasaki Ninja three hundred and Honda CBR250R, but now incorporates a newcomer is believe it or not fierce.

The arrival of the Yamaha YZF - R25 which is a redesign of the Yamaha M1 to ensure M1 has a baby nicknames. By looking on the development of motor sport in Indonesia nowadays makes Yamaha thought we would market the first R25 in Indonesia, which was released yesterday May 20, 2014 inside Lake Toba, North Sumatra. To cut production costs since the major spare parts and assembly of Yamaha R25 will probably be done locally, specifically in Indonesia.

Variations Kawasaki Ninja three hundred- Ahead of the arrival of the Yamaha YZF : R25 in Indonesia, the full fairing activity bike segment have been filled by berkubikasi 250cc Kawasaki Ninja three hundred and Honda CBR250R. But on the sales data of motor sport in Indonesia as of yet Kawasaki Ninja 250 is quite a bit more in demand compared to the Honda CBR250R. Subsequently, how the Yamaha R25 gait itself later whether to compete and even ' overtaking ' Kawasaki Ninja 250 since the king of motor sport in Indonesia? Let's wait fibrosis, because when viewed on the side of the specification and design has the benefits of each.


The look of the Yamaha R25 appears more fresh than competitors as it has just introduced in Indonesia. Besides a great impression and ferocious appears to be a 250cc motorcycle in Yamaha is actually latest sport bike Indonesia. In the planning of the headlights built ​​like a outdoors animal with sharp eyes which are then combined together with flex -looking fairing and malekat flow to the body. Continue to the rear lights look modern-day with already applying LEDs.

While the Kawasaki Ninja 250 variants choose to angled and well-defined appearance. By applying some sort of tapered headlights and usually reveal the shape of the fairing strong.

Then for variants of new Toyota CBR250R 2014 released a few days ago in Indonesia incorporates a sweet appearance joined with two twin lights about the front and help it become look elegant pharynx.


In his 3 rd engine sector is carrying the same engine capacity of 250cc DOHC energy system plus Energy - Injection. But Honda CBR250R practically outdated because it still carries 1 tube competitors while the second is equipped with two cylinders.

Variations Kawasaki Ninja three hundred- The third motor sport despite having the same engine capacity though the power and torque produced differs. Yamaha R25 can generate power to 35. 6 hp at 12, 000 rpm rotation as well as a maximum Tosi 22. 1 Nm on 10, 000 rpm. Even though the Kawasaki Ninja 250 incorporates a power 32 hp 11, 000 rpm and maximum torque of 21 Nm on 10, 000 rpm. In the mean time Honda CBR250R yields power 29 hp at 9000 rpm and maximum torque of 23 Nm placed at 7500 rpm.

For heavy material Kawasaki Ninja 250 is the lightest ie 161 kg, while Yamaha R - 25 with a weight of 166 kg, along with Honda CBR 250R has got the heaviest weight of 176 Kg.


For the price of Yamaha 3rd r - 25 variants not need ABS as of the Ninja 250 and Honda CBR250R. For Kawasaki Ninja three hundred and Honda CBR250R previously offers two variants of the non - ABDOMINAL and ABS. But the price tag on the Yamaha 3rd r - 25 is not regarded as cheap. Estimates for the Honda CBR250R is priced at Rp 50 million. Yamaha R25 price of Rp 53 million and Rp three hundred for Kawasaki Ninja 53. 7 million ( non : ABS ) : USD 61. 6 million ( ABS ).

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