Kawasaki Classic Estrella 250 Cc Jla-21b

Be dependent Estrella Kawasaki Street motorcycle Classics For Lovers

Kawasaki Classic Estrella 250 Cc Jla-21b
Kawasaki Classic Estrella 250 Cc Jla-21b

Kawasaki Classic Estrella 250 Cc Jla-21b - It's coming, Kawasaki Estrella 250cc, classic retro earth's first imported directly from Japan and still use modern technological know-how. Riauterkini-Pekanbaru-Designed with an exceptional retro style, maindealer Kawasaki Soetta Pekanbaru, PT Greentech Horizon Motorindo (GCM) still display one of its flagship goods for lovers associated with classic motorcycles, 250cc Kawasaki Estrella. The first vehicle on this planet of classic 60's imported directly from Japan is using modern technological know-how machinery.

Kawasaki Classic Estrella 250 Cc Jla-21b - "This is the newest product classical Kawasaki vehicles that were introduced since a final 3 months. 250cc Kawasaki Estrella uses classical concepts maintained since 90's. Quirky, interesting however modern technology, " said Marketing Sponsor Horizon Greentech Motorindo (GCM).

Based on him, the motor established from the Bamboo bedding Curtain country have been powered by any 250cc air-cooled 1 storage container with fuel treatment systems. Mechanical heart is believed capable of spraying power approximately 18 PS at 7, 500 rpm having a peak torque associated with 18 Nm at 5, 500 rpm. Then this classic motorcycle is usually equipped with any security system that is reliable in service for using Tokico functionality with floating hard disks for incubation technique for front as well as rear wheel braking system drum.

Kawasaki Classic Estrella 250 Cc Jla-21b - This old classes style bike incorporates two variants, Temple Carribean Violet (blue) and Material Spark Black (black) who has been born as a particular edition models. For standard type motor costs Rp 68, 150, 000, -, while special types of special edition costs three hundred dollars Rp 70, 150, 000, -.

"Although the product is old school but many experts have enriched with the newest technology. Suspension used additionally smooth so indulgent motorists who utilize it, " for small finish.

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