Kawasaki Indonesia

Kawasaki Indonesia Offers A number of Programs Buy Magnetic motors in PRJ 2014

Kawasaki Indonesia
Kawasaki Indonesia

Kawasaki Indonesia- Realtor licensee (APM) Kawasaki with Indonesia, was preparing many different programs in their own booth later.

"Obviously we follow from the prestigious event. Because the IMA has prepared many different exciting programs regarding motorcycle purchases. The goal for the visitors to make purchases during a specific line-up lasted PRJ, "said Dewi septianti, Deputy Division Head of Gross sales & Promotion Division KMI.

Kawasaki Indonesia- As for the variety of programs they present, including the Kawasaki clothes vouchers, purchases with zero percent curiosity, Foxy Ladies competition photos, special permission for the user to Kawasaki.

Kawasaki Indonesia- Pertaining to apparel vouchers through Kawasaki, provided Rp. 1 million dollars for the purchase of Kawasaki motorcycle with all the credit system. As for purchases using cash or perhaps a cash system, will receive a voucher worth Rp clothes. 500 thousand. Purchase this is true of the purchase associated with Kawasaki Ninja variety RR, RR ZE Ninja, Ninja 250, Ninja 250 ZE, Ninja 250 STOMACH MUSCLES, Z250 and Pulsar 200ns.

The program will only be held at the Jakarta Reasonable arena. So of course, consumers can also have a high-quality clothes. So for those who want to make up such some sort of motor sports variety, please sambangi cubicle at PRJ KMI.

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